Tombs of the Forgotten kings


Drago Flamore enters the town of Kingsholm

Drago Flamore heads to the Tavern. He heads to the Bartender.
The Bartender says, “how can i help you?”
Drago Flamore gets some gnomish mead.
The Bartender says, “how long are you planning on staying in town?”
Drago Flamore says, “A Day”
The Bartender says, "well even though your staying in town for a day you need to speak with the elder!?
Drago Flamore says, “why?”
The Bartender says, “Its the law of the town”
Drago Flamore goes to see the elder
The elders gaurd says, “hault who goes there?”
Drago Flamore repliea
The elders gaurd says, “state your business here!”
Drago Flmore says, “Coming to see the elder”
The elders gaurd says, “what do you need with the elder”
Drago Flamore says, " The Bartender sent me"
guard 1 says, “hault”
guard 2 says, “unless you plan on drawing a card we need you to leave”
drago says, “why?”
guard 3 says, "the elder is away on business and this is a restricted area but looks like we could use another player?
guard 2 says, “want to play some cards?”
Drago has an enemy that he doesnt know about
guard 1 got imprisoned
guard 2 draws his sword and kills guard one
guard 3 kills himself
guard 2 leaves everything he owns and walks away, giving Drago the deck of cards
Dargo takes the deck of cards

To the players:
Two days ago, a family of mourners ventured up into the
graveyard and didn’t return. A pair of sentinels investigated,
but these guards vanished as well. The townsfolk are in a
panic. They’ve always heard rumors of disturbances in graveyards
and tombs, but never has such misfortune struck in
their town.


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